Behind the Scenes Beekeeper Interactive (Doreen School Holidays Event)

Behind the Scenes Beekeeper Interactive (Doreen School Holidays Event)

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Are you looking for something unique to entertain your kids these school holidays? Perhaps you want your kids to learn a little about Bees, Biodiversity and the importance of Pollination.

We are running a Special Online Event for Local Families on Saturday 23rd January at 10:30am.

Join me for a remote Behind the Scenes Beekeeper Interactive that will immerse your kids into a 45-minute live feed where I will take them through an educational and fascinating look inside a beehive from the comfort of your own home.

Topics Covered:

  • The importance of bees and pollination in our ecosystem
  • What a bee frame is and how it works
  • How bees make and protect their honey
  • The three different kinds of bees that live in a hive
  • The role of the Queen Bee
  • How to Identify a Queen Bee
  • The lifespan of bees
  • Why bees sting us
  • A look inside a Nucleus Hive
  • A look inside a Langstroth Hive

Registration Options:

You have two registration options:

  1. Beekeeping Interactive Event Only - Buy 1 x Family Ticket to our Behind the Scenes Beekeeper Interactive - $9.50 per family

  2. UPGRADE: Beekeeping Interactive + Pack of Goodies - Buy 1 x Family Ticket to our Behind the Scenes Beekeeper Interactive PLUS Pickup a Special Pack of Goodies just prior to the event to immerse your kids more in the experience - $28 per family

    Each Pack of Goodies includes:

    500g Delicious Raw Local Honey
    200g Raw Honeycomb straight from our hives
    2 x Kids Bee Tattoo (Temporary)
    2 x Simple Honey Inspired Recipes to make at home with the kids

Pack of Goodies - Pickup
Once you have purchased your ticket, if you purchased the Upgrade Option 2, you will need to swing by our Self Service Roadside Honey Stand at 13 Spectacular Ave Doreen and pickup your families Family Beekeeper Interactive Pack of Goodies from Wednesday 20th Jan - Friday 22nd January just prior to the event.

Event Access Link
Event Access (website link) will be emailed to you soon after checkout.

    I look forward to taking your family through an educational and fascinating look inside a beehive in my backyard here in Doreen.