Beekeeping Incursion

A Unique and Engaging Beekeeping Incursion for School & Kindergarten Kids

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Give your kids a meaningful experience they won’t forget. Watch your students step into the shoes of a real-life local Beekeeper who shares his genuine passion for these fascinating insects in an engaging, educational, and memorable presentation.  Are you a Kindergarten or School looking for a unique and education Incursion?  Or maybe you run a School Holiday Program and want the kids to experience something really different. Bookings are essential (see below).

Session Length:

Over a 50 minute session, Nathan will immerse the kids in an interactive educational discussion. (Please also allow 30 minutes for us to set up our displays and equipment)


Our unique sessions can be customised for Kindergarten kids, Primary and Secondary Kids. Nathan will present an age-appropriate presentation that will fascinate every audience.

Topics and Curriculum Included:

With a focus on interactive learning and a hands-on approach to help students become more engaged and retain more material, we will deliver a combination of the following topics and content:

  • Introduction to the importance of Bees and their role in Pollination
  • Learn about three different functional castes – queen, workers, and drones
  • What are Pollen and Nectar and how do bees use these within a hive?
  • What foods would not exist without Bees?
  • Look at a Bee under a Microscope
  • Taste some honey direct from a frame of Honeycomb and compare the flavors of different raw unprocessed local honey.
  • Touch and smell beeswax and raw honeycomb and learn how bees make it.
  • Wear a Beekeepers uniform - a few kids can try on a full beekeepers suit.
  • Age appropriate factsheets or activity to take home
  • Learn how honey bees communicate through dances, vibrations, pheromones are chemical scents.
  • Bee Temporary Tattoo (optional)
  • Bee Photo Board (great for kindergarten kids)
  • A Certificate of Completion for each Child will be provided for the kids to take home and share with their parents.

Other Information

Nathan has a valid and up-to-date Working with Children Check from the Department of Justice and Community Safety.


Each 50 minute session = $250 + GST  

Includes a 1kg Jar of our delicious Local Honey :-)

***Travel costs may apply for areas more than 30km from Doreen, Victoria.

Book your Beekeeping Incursion Now - Places are limited

Booking in Advance are essential as these sessions are very popular. Book Here now to secure your place:

Recent Testimonials

“Thank you again, Nathan. We absolutely loved having you. The children learnt so much. The incursion is interactive and engaging. We loved it. HIGHLY RECOMMEND”

Ashlee Collins
Laurimar Township Child Care and Kindergarten


"My kids loved it, they’ve spoken more about this incursion than any other, and have talked so much about what they learnt. Thank you Nathan!"

Mary-Anne Hollingsworth


"Thank-you to Nathan from Maya'Xala Honey who came to visit our Little Geniuses room last week for an Incursion all about Bees. We learnt about pollination, the roles of different bees, looked at a bee under a microscope and had a taste of honey straight from honeycomb! We even got some awesome temporary tattoos!! Thanks for a great session Nathan!"

Smartie Pants Early Learning & Development

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Beekeeping Incursion - Educational Aids
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