Bee Swarm Removal

Bee Swarm Removal Doreen, Mernda, Cottles Bridge, Diamond Creek, South MorangAs the weather warms up its possible you might find a colony of bees have swarmed. It's exciting because it means bees are reproducing. It's their natural way for survival and the result is called a Swarm!

Swarms can basically land anywhere from the fence posts to letterboxes but more commonly on tree branches.

If you find a swarm and want it removed please call a local Beekeeper for a quote

Maya'Xala Honey Beekeeper Swarm Removal Service includes:

  • Labour, equipment and travel costs to safely relocate the bees
  • Partly sponsoring the costs of buying a new home for the bees including a Bee Hive and Frames for the bees (typically costs a beekeeper $350)
  • A warm fuzzy feeling that you have done a good deed for the environment and saved not only the bees but saved yourself money ;-)

*Please note I don't offer 'cut-out' services. This is essentially where the bees are not easily accessible (perhaps inside a wall or roof). I am a really bad builder and you certainly don't want me pulling apart your house!

I save loads of bees each year and will always try and be of service wherever possible. Please ideally send Nathan an SMS on 0412 742 006 with a photo of the swarm location (assuming you can safely take a photo) and your address and we'll call promptly.

Bees are fairly docile in a swarm state and left alone are pretty harmless.

Call your local Beekeeper, Nathan Stewart, on 0412 742 006 for Bee Swarm removal in Doreen, Mernda, South Morang, Cottles Bridge, Diamond Creek, and Yarrambat 

Bee Swarm Removal Doreen