Bee Hive Hosting - Want bees without becoming a Beekeeper?

Interested in having backyard beehives, but don’t want to become a beekeeper yourself?

Apply to be one of our beehive hosts!

Bee Hive Rental and HostingOur ‘Host a Hive’ program offers backyard beehive installations and the associated maintenance to everyday people who wish to pollinate their gardens & farms, gain access to honey and beeswax, help to save the bees and enjoy learning about this fascinating creature!

I am able to offer a Hive Hosting/Rental for $550 per annum. I'll do on-site visits and inspections 4 times a year, cover the costs of the hive, bees and frames. This also covers my time and petrol costs. 

I'll gift you a 7kg bucket of extracted honey OR 3 raw frames of honey from your hive each year.
(Additional honey can be purchased at a savings of 25% Off Retail prices.)

If you like the idea of joining me for an inspection, I can lend you a suit and you can join in. I am happy to share my knowledge and passion for bees.

Later on, if you want to manage the colony yourself and become a Beekeeper, you can buy the hive for $450 at any point.

I am sure you'll find the productivity of your fruit and vegetables will increase significantly too.

I'll need to come by and do an initial site survey, then if you want to proceed I'll invoice for the first year. The bees will arrive in Spring (please note: we need to give the adequate time to get established before we can harvest honey for ourselves - often 12 months is necessary).

If you are interested please send me an SMS at 0412 742 006 or via Facebook at and I'll get back to you shortly.